Our sustainability work

Walley wants to form long-term partnerships. This means that we want to take responsibility in everything we do: in our relationship with customers and employees, how we develop products and services, and how we conduct our business.

The e-commerce industry faces a range of sustainability challenges. On the one hand, there are climate issues that stem from transport and returns; and on the other, there are issues related to economic sustainability and excessive indebtedness. As an e-commerce player, Walley wants to contribute to increasing awareness of environmental, social and economic sustainability, and strives to maintain a continuous dialogue with industry colleagues, partners and customers about how to build a more sustainable future through collaboration and co-operation.

Walley is a brand within Collector Bank, whose sustainability work is based on UN Global Compact's 10 principles that aim to encourage businesses to take ethical, social and environmental perspectives into account across all operations.

At Collector Bank, we want to make a difference in areas where we have the best opportunities to have an impact. In our sustainability work, we have three strategic focus areas: creating sustainable finances, reducing environmental and climate impact, and offering a developing workplace.

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