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Walley is not only a supplier of payment solutions, but a partner that helps large merchants in the Nordic region optimisze their sales channels. Whether you're selling in-store, online or through other channels, to private individuals or other businesses, you can be sure we have a solution to help you succeed.  


Walley Checkout

Walley Checkout is developed with a focus on the customer experience. Millions of existing customer profiles enable fast identification, customized delivery options, and always the most relevant payment methods. This gives you the best conditions for increased sales and more satisfied customers.

user journey

Better customer journeys from start to finish

After the purchase, Walley is there for your customers. With Walley's app and My Walley, customers get a clear overview and control over their purchases, and when they have questions, our customer service is always there to help.

customer relations

Stronger bond between you and your customer

Take the opportunity to communicate with your customers through more touchpoints in the after-sales experience. It is the best foundation for building loyalty and creating upsells.

company building

Do you sell to companies? Choose Walley!

With Walley, you can create the same excellent buying experience for both business customers and individuals. We have extensive experience in the B2B market and have developed payment solutions that solve many of the challenges of B2B sales.


Data sharing and insights

As a Walley merchant, you get access to insights and data to help you make business decisions, track trends, and discover changes in buying behaviors.


A partner to help you grow

At Walley, you get a dedicated customer team that provides quick support, expertise, advice and insights. Our combined experience gives you a head start over your competitors.

Why Stadium chose Walley

Stadium is a company that is constantly evolving and strives to strengthen the customer experience. Since the collaboration with Walley, their business has developed a lot, which has increased the demands on being able to offer customers a simple and flexible payment solution, regardless of whether you shop in a physical store or online.

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Easy integration

Merchant protection – Walley bears full credit and fraud risk

Secure payout as early as the next business day

Dedicated support

Automatic updates

Market-adapted solutions

Customized customer experiences for the Nordic markets

Walley Checkout has an intuitive user interface with ready-made integration modules that allow you to get started quickly

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Even better with Walley's add-ons

Walley’s add-on services, such as delivery module, Payment Widget and Paylink, make it the best choice for every merchant.

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Do you want to know more about our payment solutions for large merchants and partners in the Nordic region? Contact us today and we will get back to you!

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