This is Walley Checkout:

Walley Checkout has an intuitive user interface with clear steps to guide your customers through the buyer’s journey.

  • Developed specifically for the Nordic markets.
  • Constantly developed and optimised.
  • Ready-made integrations with e-commerce platforms allow you to get started quickly.
  • Modular and built to meet different kinds of needs.
  • Works just as well in e-commerce as retail stores.
  • A fully adapted B2B version available.
  • Increases sales and boosts customer experience.

Customise the experience with Walley's modular system

Walley Checkout consists of modules so that you can offer your customers a customised user experience, whether you're selling online through app or in-store. Think of it as a smart path to more successful purchases.

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Millions of existing Walley users are instantly identified and can effortlessly navigate through the process. New customers can easily sign up using their address and certification services.


Delivery options

Does the customer live in the middle of London or in the outskirts of Loughborough? Are they buying a pen or a garage door? The Shipping module presents the best delivery options for each purchase, customer, and shopping cart.

payment methods

Payment methods

With the Payment Methods module, your customers can choose from a wide range of payment methods, such as invoicing, card and bank transfer. With local payment methods, you can take the conversion rate up a notch.

Why Walley Checkout?

Better customer experiences increase your sales

The simple, intuitive interface that customers recognise makes it easy to turn thoughts into action. Walley Checkout also includes other benefits, such as smart identification as well as delivery and payment options, all of which contribute to an even better customer experience.

You'll get started quickly

Ready-made integrations with e-commerce platforms ensure an easy start with Walley Checkout. On top of this, we will give you a dedicated customer team to help you get going.

Continuous automatic updates

Walley Checkout is constantly evolving with new features and solutions. Both you and your customers can be sure that we meet the expectations of a safe, secure and user-friendly payment solution – today and in the future.

Highlight your brand

Make Walley Checkout your checkout. By customising its look, you can make the interface a natural part of your ecommerce business.

Rest assured: it works!

We monitor the service 24/7 and make sure everything works, so you can focus on other things.

Sell to both consumers and businesses

Do you sell to consumers, businesses or both? Walley Checkout is also available for the B2B market, and it works just as smoothly as for private individuals.

The recipe behind the success of

Online food shopping is part of many people’s everyday lives. This can be seen in the strong growth of online food shopping in recent years, which accelerated further in 2021. But for, one of the first digital grocery stores, the increased competition has created fresh challenges.

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Technical data


Available markets



B2B & B2C

Payment methods

14 or 30-day invoice, summary invoicing, campaigns, 3-36 months financing, direct bank payment via Trustly, card payments: Visa, Mastercard, Swish, MobilePay, Vipps


Ecommerce platforms

Askås, Carismar, E37, Jetshop, Magento 2, Opencart, Prestashop, Procommerce, Regap, Sitedirect, Storm Commerce, Viskan, Wikinggruppen, Woocommerce

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