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Being able to choose to pay only after receiving your goods can be crucial when making a purchase decision; and knowing that you can split the sum into smaller parts creates a feeling of security and flexibility. There are also a number of advantages for you as a merchant:

- Increase conversion rate

- Build loyalty

- Fast payments, no credit risk

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Invoice is a secure payment method that you can offer both in store and online. It is also the most popular option in the Swedish market and in the top 3 in Finland and Norway.

payment account


With an account, your customers can collect all their purchases from both store and e-commerce. An invoice is sent at the end of the month with the option to pay everything at once or in installments. An account is a popular complement to loyalty programs, which increase both purchasing power and the possibility of more returning customers.


Pay in installments

Giving the customer the opportunity to split their payment over time brings several benefits. It creates flexibility and freedom of choice, giving you more satisfied and returning customers.

payment in store

Convenient in-store payments

Offer your store customers the same payment options as when shopping online! Flexible in-store payment methods allow your customers to choose how and when they want to pay – by invoice, installments, or an account. Either way, as a merchant you always get the money in your account the following business day.

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Smart payment methods for B2B sales

Does your company sell to other companies? With Walley, you can offer business customers the same simple and convenient payment methods, which require neither registration nor minimum order amounts. Also, all kinds of corporations are able to buy online from you.

The recipe behind the success of

Online food shopping is part of many people’s everyday lives. This can be seen in the strong growth of online food shopping in recent years, which accelerated further in 2021. But for, one of the first digital grocery stores, the increased competition has created fresh challenges.

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Customised customer experience with Walley Checkout

Walley Checkout has an intuitive user interface with ready-made integration modules that let you get started quickly.

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