About Walley

Walley develops solutions that make payments smarter, easier and safer for both merchants and consumers. We believe that a smart payment service should let customers pay in whatever way they choose to, be they private individuals or companies. That's why Walley wants to provide merchants a solution that accommodates all the best payment methods. Whether your customers shop online or in-store, they should always have the same opportunity to pay how and when they prefer. At once, a little later or a little at a time? Walley allows you to easily and safely control your payments and sales.

However, we are more than just a payment solution provider. We know that payments can present both an obstacle and an opportunity for companies to grow. That’s why we always work closely with each individual merchant to solve problems, share insights, and help them succeed. Walley creates an ecosystem of experiences for merchants, partners and consumers, aimed at making relationships stronger and optimising customer experiences.

Walley offers solutions for large merchants and partners in the Nordic region with operations in other countries and within a wide range of industries. Walley is a brand within Norion Bank AB, a Nordic bank offering financial solutions for companies and individuals.