When will the settlements be paid out to merchant?

In most cases Walley will pay the settlements on the next working day (according to Swedish business day calendar) after the purchase order has been activated. Merchant specific settings will apply to the schedule, if agreed otherwise.

What does the Service fee mean?

The service fee is the percentage value that Walley will charge the Merchant based on the total purchase value. The fee is deducted from the settlement amount and shows as a negative row on the settlement report. It is subject to VAT in Sweden.

Could settlements be sent automatically?

Yes, it’s possible to use SFTP in order to either receive or fetch the files from our server. Contact our Merchant Services for further details.

How do we change the bank account for settlements?

If the Merchant wants the settlements to be paid to a different bank account, please contact Merchant Services at A document that proofs the Merchant’s bank account ownership is required.

Where do I find my settlement reports?

Settlement reports can be found in Walley Merchant Hub under the Reports tab.


Is it possible to do positive adjustments on the card & bank payment methods?

No, it is not possible to make positive adjustment for card & bank payment methods. Only negative adjustments i.e. returns can be made.

Will the end customer be notified about part-returns and returns on invoice?

Yes, Walley will send an updated invoice automatically for Direct invoices, when a part return is done. For other types of invoices (annuity, account), the updated amount will be sent to the customer on the next monthly invoice.

How can we extend the due date for an order that has late delivery or return?

The merchant can extend the invoice due date either in the Partner Portal or via Payments API. Using the API requires that it is agreed with Walley. The extending of due date is only available for Direct invoices and it can only be done once per invoice.

When and how will the end customer be refunded after there has been a return on the order?

In the case of direct payments, Walley will automatically pay back via the same payment method, in the case of another payment method, Walley will automatically contact the end customer via e-mail, if the customer has a credit after a return has been registered for an invoice. Once Walley has received the end customer's bank account information via MyWalley, we will refund the money within 1-3 working days. For returns on credit accounts and partial payments, the credit on the order will reduce the customer's balance and no automatic refund to the end customer will be made.

For company invoices, the customer will receive a credit note automatically in the event of a return/adjustment, to get this paid out, the customer needs to contact Walley's corporate customer service

Invoice activation

How long can an invoice be pending before activation?

An invoice can be pending for 90 days before it is automatically expired.

Is it possible to extend the pending invoice’s activation time?

The possibility exists for the merchant to extend the activation time in our Merchant Hub in most cases. It depends on how long ago the purchase was made and other factors. The option appears on the order view when an order has 7 days or less until the last activation date. If an extension is denied, please contact Merchant Services at

What does On hold status mean for an invoice?

On hold status means that a fraud check process is ongoing, where Walley investigates the purchase before returning the credit decision. See more on the Anti Fraud page.

End customer process

What can the end customer do in the Walley's MyPages (customer portal)?

The end customers can see and pay their invoices or select to pay in parts in the MyPages. The credit agreement can be signed there if they have chosen to pay in parts. If the customer has overpayments, they can save their bank account information there, to receive the payment refund.

When will the end customer receive the invoice?

Invoices are sent immediately after the order is activated. The merchant should activate the invoice when the order is sent to the customer. For account and partial payment, the invoice is sent during the next month, or in the case of campaigns during the month in which the invoice is due (e.g. in the case of "buy now, pay in two months").

How long does it take before a reservation on a card is released for the end customer?

When the payment is cancelled, the reservation will be automatically released after 24 hours.

I have a customer who has questions about their payment

In the case of questions regarding payment for the specific case, bank secrecy prevails and the customer must contact our Customer Service themselves as we cannot disclose any information about the customer.

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