Pen Store wanted to improve the customer experience

Managing Director and founder Jacob Bergström has worked in the industry for many years and knows that a customer-friendly payment solution is a must for an e-commerce business. When the team at Pen Store decided to change the checkout, they were looking for a solution that would be as frictionless as possible throughout the customer journey, for the end customer and online retailer alike.

There were several reasons why Pen Store wanted to change its checkout. One was the feeling that its former supplier didn’t pay Pen Store enough attention, and another was the ongoing evaluation of its service to improve the customer experience. That was when the company decided to look around for a new solution. It did its homework and received quotes from several different suppliers. Jacob explains why Walley came out on top:

“The checkout is attractive, simple, and clear for both desktop and mobile users. We also liked the transparency you get with the analytical tool Insights. But most of all it was a gut feeling – we were treated well and Walley was very keen to work with us.”

Jacob Bergström, Managing Director of Pen Store

A successful change

Implementing a checkout takes a lot of work. The integration must not compromise the customer’s security or other flows, and the time during the actual changeover was nerve-wracking. “There were a few sweaty palms during those minutes, but then we saw how the orders rolled in as usual and we were able to breathe a sigh of relief”, says Jacob.

Now the checkout has been up and running since March and, according to Jacob, the customers’ comments have been purely positive and there haven’t been any changes in the conversion, which he sees as proof of a successful change.

When asked what the best thing about Walley Checkout is, Jacob thinks it’s a major advantage to be able to offer customers a 30-day invoice and to access customer data via Insights. The analytical tool has been even more important for Pen Store than Jacob originally thought.

We have a new marketing manager who can examine the data, which is extremely valuable. There are many ways of getting to know your customers, but thanks to the data from the checkout we can be sure that we have statistics from 100% of our customers.