Freedom of choice for the customer throughout their shopping journey

In the same way that Topformula offers several product options, they wanted to be able to offer several different delivery options. The goal was to have an optimal checkout process in which identification, delivery method, and payment are in sync.

“Offering a wide range of delivery options is needed in order to create a positive shopping experience for the customer. Just like different payment methods, different delivery options provide different types of value to different customers, which is why we wanted to let customers choose freely even in this regard,” says Topformula’s CEO Fredric Boson.

Complete solution where identification, delivery method, and payment are in sync

Topformula chose to invest in a wide range of delivery options for its customers, and initially they built the solution themselves. Although Topformula’s own solution was ready to go live, after seeing Walley’s shipping module, they decided to have the functionality built entirely by Walley.

“Our own solution never got launched as we were constantly up against so many bugs when we tried connecting all the systems together. It was all ready to be launched, but ultimately we chose to put our own solution to one side and implement Walley’s all-in-one solution with nShift integrated. Walley’s shipping module solved the need to connect our delivery options with identification and payment in the checkout flow, enabling us to quickly offer the customer a better overall experience,” explains Fredric.

For Topformula, letting one of the top actors in the shopping journey create a complete solution for the entire flow was an obvious choice.

“Being able to offer an all-in-one solution from Walley with complete integration creates a high level of credibility among our customers, as well as better stability for us,” 

Fredric Boson, CEO of Topformula

Happier customers and increased conversion rate

It’s clear that Topformula’s customers want to be able to choose freely throughout their shopping journey. Walley’s solution quickly resulted in effects worth waiting for.

“We’re seeing a clear increase in customer satisfaction and conversion with a 4% increase in conversion and a 28% increase in order value. For those of us who already have a good conversion rate, these are great numbers. We’re also seeing effects in the form of customers contacting us and thanking us for the opportunity to choose what best suits them. My checkout has to work perfectly and provide a positive customer experience, which Walley has done,” says Fredric.

CEO’s choice of delivery method

Customers choose different delivery methods based on what they’re buying and where they’re shopping from. New delivery methods are constantly being added. Which one does Topformula’s CEO prefer when shopping online?

“I have two favourites – Instabox and Early Bird. I appreciate the accuracy and speed of Instabox – they really deliver what they promise. I also like the convenience of Early Bird, as I get my shopping left outside the door. It takes nothing more from me as a customer than to shop, and that’s not a concern,” concludes Fredric.